Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome baby Atticus!

The best thing about October was the arrival of baby Atticus! 

I had known for nine months that I was going to be in the delivery room and can't express enough how excited I was.  It was honestly, the LONGEST pregnancy ever.  I don't think anyone has had a longer pregnancy than me (except Allison!). 

The delivery was scheduled for October 11th but little Atticus (who has had a mind of his own all along) decided to start coming the night before. 
I woke up at 4 am on the 11th to 5 text messages from Allison.  The first text said "Having contractions, may be going to hospital".  And above the text, it said MESSAGE 1 of 5.  I was so scared to read the next 4 texts...thinking I had missed it.  Well, thankfully I had not!

I arrived at the hospital around 5 and she had already had an epidural.  She was so calm and peaceful, it was amazing.

It was almost "go time" around noon and it was me, her husband, her mom and her friend Misha (with camera ready).  I was so amazed at how calm she still was and if I had to give her one word, it would be strength.  She was suddenly the strongest woman I knew.  And, with several pushes...the baby's head came out.  While his head was out, they suctioned his nose and mouth and he looked asleep.  Her husband and I took turns telling her what they were doing "they are suctioning the nose now", etc.  Then, they pulled the baby all out and her husband told her "It's a boy".  She gasped in surprise because we all thought it was a girl.  It was definitely a happy gasp.

I'm sure the breakdown of how it went seems like an OBGYN documentary but honestly, the moments in the room were magical.  Watching the miracle of life and seeing a baby take its first breath, is beyond any words I can say or type.  I will definitely call that one of the top days of my life (along with my own babies being born and my wedding).

I laid in bed that night replaying the whole thing, especially the part right before the baby took his first breath and how peaceful he looked.  It's amazing how when I held him, even though I had never met him (and he wasn't even mine!) I loved him already!!!

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