Friday, November 18, 2011

Evan turned 13!

Evan turned 13 this month (on 11/11/11).  He didn't want a big party so we celebrated at my moms.  He's almost taller than me and we measured him in the doorway at my moms house and he's exactly the same height Derek was at his age!

He wanted a Hauppage system in order to record his video games ($200!) so we got him that and a membership to Fraps which is another way to record your video games.  Video games, video games, video games!  He really wanted to go paint balling and we had planned on taking him on Saturday but it rained so Robert took him to the indoor shooting range instead.  My mom was worried about us taking him but Robert showed him how to do everything safely and they had a really good day together.  I know some people are so anti-guns but we are gun owners and we have them locked up, away from reach of children. 

Anyway, my baby is 13!  I can still remember when he was born.  Many of the details of the day and surrounding days are fuzzy but there was about 15 minutes that are clear as if it was yesterday.  Derek (4 at the time) came to meet Evan and he crawled up on the hospital bed into my lap and just started singing to him.  He sang "You are my sunshine" and he sang it so soft and sweet.  I swear it was the best sound I'd ever heard.  The baby (Evan) just stared up at all of us (me, Evan's dad and Derek) as Derek sang and it was at that moment that I felt my life was complete.  Luckily, I have a picture of it because our good friend (Patti) happened to walk in the room and snap one.  That will forever me one of my favorite memories.  I hope I always remember it as I do now.  I look at Evan now and wish that I could still hold him and keep him safe but he's his own person.  As I watch him becoming a man, a whole new set of worries takes over.  Having a teenager is frightening.  I like to think that his teens will sail by but I am mentally trying to prepare.

Wishing they made a pill for patience ;)

Here is my handsome son Evan on his 13th birthday!

Just moments in time!

Last night, Robert was sitting on the couch.  He had Elijah tucked under his left arm and Pink Floyd "Wish you were here" was playing...I was watching them as he tapped his right food to the music and played with Elijah's toy with him and wanted so much to be able to capture the moment.  He was so relaxed and happy and he sang with the song while him and Elijah played.  I can't pretend that i'm not scared to death of the day when these memories are going to fade from my memory.  These moments are so precious to me, they mean everything to me and I really wish I could be recording all of them.

I recorded Elijah and Charlotte playing with Robert the other was pretty funny.  Not sure If I can upload videos here but if i can, i will.

There's 35 days till Christmas and the year seemed to just fly by.  I use to always be in a hurry for the next month or next year but now I find myself wanting to really freeze time or slow it down somehow.  Every minute, of every day is so important.