Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 and Writing Goals Down!

As I'm getting ready for the New Year, I've decided to actually write down my goals.  

I had originally heard about a Harvard study that was done years ago and how they surveyed  everyone in the graduating class to find out that only 3% of the graduating class had actually written down, clear concise goals.  Years later the same research team went back and interviewed all of the graduating class and found out that the 3% that had written their goals down made more than the other 97% combined!  

It would've been such a great finding, if that study was really done.  I found a number of articles that the study was a myth and the study "rumor" is spread about both Harvard Class of 1979 and Yale Class of 1953.  You can find thousands of references to it online but no actual study.  Kind of a bummer.  So, for some reason there was someone that had started a story urging people to write down their goals based on a study that never happened.  

There was a study done by the Dominican University with 149 participants that did prove that writing down your goals improved the chances of you achieving them....which is enough for me, so here goes!

2012 Goals

1. Lose 25 pounds
2.  Go to the gym on a regular basis
3.  Save more money each month
4.  Make more money each month
5.  Join or start a book club
6.  Spend more time with my parents
7.  Stick to a strict budget each month (to help with #3)

I am creating an action plan to go along with the money making and saving and also losing weight...I realize just writing down "I want to make more money" isn't going to make it happen! 

Charlotte's 1st year flew by and I have mixed feelings about this year.  I can't say I'm sad to move on to 2012!  I'm hoping that this next year is more organized, less stressful and has more laughter (we can always use more laughter in our lives!).

What are your 2012 goals and how are you going to make sure they happen?