Thursday, June 2, 2011

What happened to May?

Wow, May really flew by!  Here's a breakdown of what I did in May:

Celebrated my birthday with friends at a cool Cuban restaurant.
Spent part of Mother's day with my oldest son delivering flowers to both of his grandmothers on his dads side and spent the other part cooking for my mom and mother-in-law...we ended up having a giant Italian feast and it was really nice to have all of us together.
I took on a new project and so I've been working from home = way less time on facebook and blog.
Our final is this Saturday so I've been studying, studying, studying and i have a final paper due on June 7th.
Charlotte's fully rolling over now so I have to watch her every second.  I'm on the look out for gym mats so I can pad the formal living room and make it a very not formal room for the kids to play in all day while I work.
I have part time help with the kids but she's looking for full time and so she will be leaving me soon...hoping she will still be available for date nights every once in a while.

We've been walking more and have been walking about 3 miles up and down hills with the double stroller.  May not sound like a lot but for someone as out of shape as me, it's really hard!
I discovered a blog I love (The Pioneer Woman) mostly a recipe share site but I've made her bbq meatballs about 5 times now and really love them, I've also made her Creamy mashed potatoes and her spicy pork with dr pepper.  Seriously, a great site.

Sorry May flew by and barely had time to write but I did have time for a massage and I joined a Massage "club" where I get one massage a month...counting down the days till my next Massage.  Summer is here and hope to have time to blog at night.  Life is very chaotic around here.  Oh yea, a friend reminded me of a quote jar i used to have for Evan.  I think I'm going to start it again and start writing down all the cute and funny things Elijah and Charlotte around here may be crazy but it's so cherished.