Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tweets the new online currency?

I received an email from a rather smart marketing company (to remain anonymous) offering me 5 free infographic templates.  I thought, why not and went to download them.  Usually when you go to download content (if it's any good) you are asked for your information.  The purpose being that they are trading the content for your information because it is worth it for them to supply you with content if they are able to get you into their funnel, be able to nurture you and eventually convert you into a customer.  Today, when i went to click the "Download" button, i noticed another button next to it that said "Pay with a tweet".  This, my friend, is pure genius.  This way, the marketer captures your info and gets you to help them build their brand on social media networks.  There is also the option to put a mention on LinkedIn or fb.  I'm more than willing to "pay" for content I'm interested in with a quick tweet or fb mention.  This company captured a new way to capitalize on social media, referral marketing and capture their customer in the process. 

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