Monday, January 6, 2014

Guess who Facebook just made a content expert?!

That would be me!   Oh yeah and you...and all my facebook friends!  Hooray.  

I think the idea behind what Facebook is doing (putting the power into the consumer's hands) was an inevitable move because let's face it - we have all the power and it's time they come to terms with it, embrace it and realize they need to evolve fast than we do if they want to be the best.

I think the methodology here needs work for a few reasons...  I'm not sure having the masses judge what "quality content" is really makes sense.  When I look at the Facebook "quality check" in action, I can't help but think the surveys that pop up are wrong.  If I see a pop up of my best friend's baby with a caption of any kind, of course I would rate that "high quality". I have to wonder in the end if all the most popular political jokes, baby faces, funny cat pics, etc are going to end up getting ranked "high quality" content.  I mean are we really rating "high quality" or are we rating what we find most interesting?  Most original?  What if we rate a quote high quality content when someone was merely just posting a quote?  Shouldn't we give more credit to original thinkers?

I would re-think the whole survey thing too.  I mean, without sounding snobby, weren't surveys like so last year?  

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