Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy August

Well, just when I thought I knew what busy was...i am a whole new kind of busy!  Elijah and Charlotte are still home with me, I'm working on a full time project and I'm in summer session for school.  My free nights consist of homework and reports.  I have my finals in both my classes this Saturday so this week has not been fun.  I decided to send in some of Charlotte's pictures to some agencies for print ads/commercials, not because I'm a conceited mom that thinks my daughters the cutest but mostly because I started thinking of the kids and their college funds.  I was really inspired by my friend Amy who's daughter has been doing some work and she makes it look so easy and fun.  We received notice from one of the agencies (Zuri Model and Talent) that they wanted to sign Charlotte and then we got a letter that Osbrink wanted to interview her.  I didn't commit to signing with Zuri because I wanted to see what Osbrink was all about.  We went for an interview and honestly, I didn't leave with any warm and fuzzy feelings.  It was kind of like "don't call us, we'll call you" before I left.  They ended up calling within a couple hours and they also wanted to sign Charlotte.

I was so excited but really torn.  We ended up signing with Osbrink because after talking to several people they recommended I do that and then if we aren't getting the level of service we want (meaning, she's not getting sent out on a lot of auditions) then I can switch to Zuri.

I got the paperwork of what to do from Osbrink and it really looks like a full time job.  I really didn't think about all the work it was going to be.  I'm still excited about it but just trying to figure out how to fit in auditions into my work schedule.  The other thing is the paperwork says not to bring siblings and Elijah's not in school yet.  I have to go to Van Nuys and get Charlotte a work permit...I had to go there last week and get her birth certificate so I could get the work permit.

Glad I already had her pictures done last week!  I wanted to have more done but we did more of like a mini shoot with a photographer that shot my friend's daughter.  She was really nice and has a studio in her house.  She lives in Huntington Beach and I chose to go to her studio to save money but have already decided if i have pictures done of Elijah, I'm going to have her come here.  I'm all about saving money right now trust me but saving $50 isn't worth sitting in traffic with a screaming baby ;)

Elijah's been calling her "Charlie" instead of Charlotte lately.  She's still super sweet with a great personality.  Loving every minute....

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